European Alliance on Interdisciplinary Learning and Business Innovation for Urban Forests Project
Why Uforest?
Uforest is a three-year Knowledge Alliance project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The alliance will be the basis for the development of new training and support to students and practitioners working towards innovative urban forestry projects. Uforest’s project will do so by:
the flow of knowledge among universities, local authorities, and businesses.
a new and multidisciplinary training course on urban forestry.
innovative and cost-effective urban forestry solutions and business ideas.
Uforest Training Needs’ Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis

In June 2021 we conducted a study on the existing training needs and knowledge gaps in urban forestry. This report analyses the results of this research, providing useful insights for the development of future training opportunities.

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Uforest photo of the month
This summer, we asked our colleagues to take a picture of the beautiful places they discovered during their holidays. Polls are now close and we finally have our winners!
Follow the link to find out who they are.

Urban forestry insight
The trends of our time: drivers and solutions

In a recent report, the UN has identified five megatrends that have been shaping the world we live in. While some of them are well known, others do not make it to the news so often. Find out which ones they are, as well as their drivers and solutions.

Urban forestry insight
Forest and wellbeing

The connection between forests and wellbeing is gaining increasing interest in the last few years. This article is a review of the existing literature, with the aim to identify the contributions of nature to human wellbeing and the potentials for future research.

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