European Alliance on Interdisciplinary Learning and Business Innovation for Urban Forests Project
How can we address the challenges in the urban forestry sector?
Urban forests provide a simple yet extremely effective solution for greener and healthier cities. However, these solutions are often difficult to implement.
Through the analysis of 20 European case studies on urban forestry, this report offers an overview of the challenges and best practices in the sector.

What barriers are urban forestry initiatives facing in Europe?
What are the innovation elements influencing urban forestry?
Urban forestry insights
Successful urban forestry needs evidence and guidance
How can research contribute to the promotion of greener cities?
This article, written by our partner the Nature Based Solution Institute, illustrates how research and evidence can provide useful guidance to municipalities and organisation willing to green their cities.
Urban forestry insights
The potential of remote sensing in urban forest inventory
The combination of remote sensing data with machine learning techniques, open software and computing capability is sparking a true revolution for forest inventory. This article, written by our partner Agresta, shows the potential of the combination of different data sources in forest inventory.
Updates from the alliance
Urban Forests and Green Areas as Nature-Based Solutions for Brownfield Redevelopment
To address sustainability challenges, cities are experiencing major changes. Among these, the transition towards a post-industrial phase and the need to regenerate brownfields.

A New Index to Assess the Air Quality Impact of Urban Tree Plantation
This publication introduces a new Air Quality Impact Index (AQII) for urban trees, which takes into consideration aerodynamic properties, leaf structure, and pollution tolerance.


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