European Alliance on Interdisciplinary Learning and Business Innovation for Urban Forests Project
Uforest is a Knowledge Alliance project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. Bringing together universities, businesses, and public organisations, the aim of Uforest is to foster innovation and knowledge in urban forestry and help the green transition of urban centres. How? By developing training opportunities and material tailored to the needs of the urban forestry sector, such as reports and case studies.
Case studies
In the last few months, our team has selected and analysed some of the most interesting Urban Forestry projects in Europe. By illustrating best practices and innovative ideas, our aim is to spread knowledge and eventually inspire others to green their cities.
is an initiative that gives the possibility to adopt and plant trees, with the objective of creating new forests and protect existing ones.
Bankside Urban Forest
is a long-term, open-forest strategy involving one of the oldest and most historic areas of London.
Pla Natura Barcelona
is a public initiative led by the Barcelona City Council with the aim to improve and increase green spaces and biodiversity in the city.
applies a multidisciplinary approach combining biology and ecology with innovative technologies and artificial intelligence.
is the first European company to apply LiDar technology and other innovative software for forest management.
The Northern Forest
aims to plant 50 million trees over the next 25 years. The goal is to leave the environment in a better state than it was found and support the region’s growth.
Worldwide events
New opportunity: the Green4C Business Innovation Challenge

Interested in the ways nature can promote health, wellebing, and social inclusion? The Green4C Business Innovation Challenge is open to anyone with innovative ideas in Green Care. Present your ideas and win a place at the Green4C Summer School.
Urban forestry insight
Innovative buildings for more sustainable cities

Architects and urban planners around the world are trying to find innovative solutions to bring nature back to cities. In this article, we explore some innovate buildings and their impact on the environment.
Urban forestry insight
Urban forestry interventions in Italy: between technical administrative procedures and implementation

While the technical aspects of urban forestry are commonly known by technicians, the administrative work behind it is often less familiar. In this article we try to give a clear explanation of all the paperwork involved.

Worldwide events
Uforest at The Nature of Cities Festival 2022

The Nature of Cities (TNOC) Festival is a three days online event promoting transdisciplinary dialogue on urbanism and urban-related topics. The event will take place form the 29th to the 31st of March with programming across all regional time zones.
Updates from the alliance
Members of the Uforest Alliance have now the possibility to share publications, articles, and events on Urban Forestry. The content will be published on our website and disseminated though our social media channels. Help us increase awareness on the importance of urban forests and share your knowledge with us!
European Forum on Urban Forestry 2022
The City of Belgrade is pleased to announce the 24th European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF). The Forum will be held from 17-21 May 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia. The Forum theme is adaptive measures in urban forests.
A new index to assess the air quality impact of urban tree plantation
This study introduces a new Air Quality Impact Index (AQII) which ranks choices in a more holistic manner. The new index takes into account aerodynamic properties, leaf structure, pollution uptake potential, pollution tolerance, ozone and aerosol precursor emissions, and the pollen allergy impact.

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